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Beauty Care Resolutions for Better Looking Skin in 2018


The new year is here now and it is time that you look behind to recall the 2016 memories and make new resolutions in 2017. Do you make beauty resolutions every year and if not then this is the time you should start thinking about it. Ditch all rules and pick up some trending beauty routines. In your beauty resolutions there are three things that are important like hair care routine, skin care and make up. You must keep your beauty up to date.

  1. Skincare routine

We all know that our skin is the most sensitive part of our body and this is the reason why you need to care more about it. Your skin might not be able to fulfill all your needs. If there are any new products launched in the market, then you must not start experimenting on your skin.  You must keep a check of your skin so that you can have the idea of the damage. If you are going to keep on trying new brands and product due to curiosity, then new products can give your skin allergies and serious side effects. Quick switching of the products put huge damage to skin so take a resolution that you will not instantly grab a new skincare product without investing about it.

If you are desperate about any new product, then you must consult a dermatologist first. In the beauty industry you are going to see launch of new products. But your skin might not be ready for it.  You must take professional consultation and then go for any product.

  1. Hair care resolution

There are many things which our hair has to restore such as pollution and harsh chemicals which are available in shampoo. Old days are gone when Sunday was the set day to take care of hair like applying oil and washing.  Today there are many advanced options available, which you can use every day and treat your hair.  There are many hair care saloons, which are offering a variety of hair treatments. There is keratin, moisturizing, hair spa and other treatments available. Take a resolution that you are going to treat your hair with some respect and pamper them with every month hair care treatment. It is also important that you area also taking care of your hair at home.

Simple oiling, healthy choices of shampoo and conditioner is more than enough. If you are having dandruff issues, then it is extremely important that you consult a dermatologist and get an instant hair treatment to get rid of dandruff. Dandruff is responsible for hair fall, dryness of scalp, bad smell in hair and others.  If you are having dandruff, then take a resolution that you are going to take a better step to treat dandruff.  There are natural shampoos available, which are totally focused on treating dandruff.

  1. Make up and your skin

Every women wants to look glamorous all the time and for this they apply more and more make up.  Make up is basically used to highlight the features, and then there is corrective make up that hides dark circles and dark spots. If you love to apply makeup, then use a makeup that makes you look attractive not highlight.  A good make up can add beauty and confidence and on the other hand bad make up can spoil your looks and can also make you joke in public. There are many who are not aware of the right make up techniques and shades that suits their complexion and face.

Take resolution that you are not going to experiment, but learn to do right make up and use natural make up products. It is suggested by the experts that one should only wear heavy makeup on special occasions.  Everyday light make up is enough to give you confidence if you are doing it right. Too much make up no matter organic or other is surely going to affect your skin negatively. You can learn makeup and hair styles online watching videos and prepare yourself at home.

  1. Say good bye to unhealthy habits

Today people are living fast paced life and in all this hassle they forget to eat at the right time, lack of rest, smoking and drinking. All these things can cause negative impacts. Smoking and drinking can accumulate toxins inside your body, which cause aging.

Take a resolution that you are going to get up in the morning, will do some yoga, will drink lots of water and will take a healthy diet. All these simple things can make you beautiful and young. There are many women’s out there who are in their late 60s, but they look like they are in their early 30s. This is due to their every year same resolutions of living a healthy life.

  1. No to sun exposure

If you love to get out in sun and forget to apply sunscreen on your face and also cover it when you get out. There are many who forget to apply sunscreen when getting out due to excitement of parties or meeting friends. There should be no excuse of not applying sunscreen. You must buy a high quality natural good SPF sunscreen. If you are heading to beach or going to be out all day, then it is extremely important that you apply sunscreen. Investing in a good sunscreen is investing in your skin.

These are the 5 resolutions that are easy to take in 2018. You just have to apply some changes in your lifestyle, need to be aware of the skin care products you re using and avoiding everything that is bad for your skin. Your simple dedication towards your skin in 2017 will make your skin look better than 2016.  At the end of 2018 you are going to see amazing and surprising results. Just make sure that you are taking this year resolutions seriously because it is a matter of your skin  that is aging every year.


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